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Show Case Your Work to the World

September 24, 2010
Future Artists

(We have decided to share our secret weapon with the rest of the world –!) About the workshop (2hrs)

Need a cost effective way of promoting yourself? How about a brand new FREE platform that is a virtual book, Create a portfolio, with pages that turn, a digital book that contains all your photos, videos, audio clips, and writings. All you need to know, is how to use the platform!

By the end of this workshop, you will be a whizz, and can sack the web designer! and save cash!!!!!!

No hostings fees, update it anytime and in real time!

Link it into all of your social media, from facebook to twitter, myspace or Linked in!

Now imagine the book contained all your work to date, laid out, designed to promote you and your business as a creative.

Using the simple easy myebook interface we expect all attendees to be able to create ebooks to the standard of this example.

For more information and to book your place click here.


See what Mark Ashmore, the workshop leader created with his team at future artists so they could self distributed the short film ‘Broken Britain’ via – a world first!

Have a look at the example below.