Filmonik folks are at it again, will they never learn!

Filmonik Open Screening #49, featuring The “Gorilla” Micro Kabaret!

Micro Kabaret: Saturday 7th - Sunday 8th August.

Screening: Sunday August 8th, 7.30pm till Late, Deaf Institute,
Grosvenor Street, Manchester

Filmonik is the North West’s premier “open screening” night for
filmmakers, offering a warm welcome and a censure-free public platform
to all filmmakers, be they Industry Professionals, self-styled Media
Guerrillas, or relative novices still finding their creative voice.
Films are not pre-selected, but simply booked in, and screened, sight
unseen. Anyone is free to submit. Anyone is welcome to attend. This is
a place to try out new ideas, and unlikely creative collaborations, to
network and discover like-minded talent. This is your chance to have
fun with film and not get arrested for it.

For the next screening, we’re planning something special - the
“Gorilla Kabaret”!

The concept is simple. We will be arranging a “pitching session” at
10am on Saturday 7th of August at an informal meeting place (Location
TBC). Here introductions will be made, weapons revealed (skills,
cameras, computers, lighting, props, ideas etc), and collaborations
forged. Participants will then have from the end of the meeting until
show time to make a film for Sunday’s screening. That’s just 34

Every film must arrive at the screening by 8pm, and must contain the
credit "Gorilla Kabaret #1, Filmonik screening #49".

NOTE: We will of course still be accepting films in the usual fashion
from those who have not been part of the Gorilla Kabaret. If you’ve
something to show, all you need to is contact us and book a slot, or
just bring it along on the night. If you’re simply keen to see what’s
happening in the world of low budget independent short film, then come
on down. We want full houses and enthusiastic audiences!

For more information, visit or join the facebook
group for instant updates at!/event.php?eid=103135489739820&ref=mf

or email

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