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The Things We Found This Week – Future Artists

June 25, 2010

Future Artists New Letter!

1) North West New Wave film ‘Diary of a Bad Lad’ gets full theatrical distribution deal, see it next week!

2) Future Artists celebrate their first birthday with a thought provoking 1 day event ‘In Exile’

3) THE BENCH – By Joe O’byrne returns to Salford Arts centre next week

4) ‘Just do it‘ – Director Emily James explains ‘Just get off your arse and save the world’

In Full

1) Diary of a Bad lad Premieres at Art Deco cinema in Stockport, UK,

Future Artists are proud to support the first film from what is being called ‘the north west new wave‘ of film making, by southern media types

‘Diary of a Badlad’ produced by pleesed sheep films, and is now being tipped as one of the top films of 2010. We like to think of producer Jon Williams as the ‘Godfather’ of the new wave, and so invite you all to the opening night screening on Tuesday 29th June 2010, in Stockport. They’ve bagged one of the last original Art Deco cinemas to do it in too, so well worth it on two levels!

More info and tickets here at the film’s official website

2) Future Artists in Exile

Its our First Birthday Party on the 17th of July and so to celebrate we are having an unconference, a Picnic in the Park in Hume Park, with live music, followed by a screening of yet to be released Beyond the Pole, multi awarding winning film staring Stephen Mangan (Green Wing, Confetti); Rhys Thomas (Bellamy’s People, Fast Show); Alexander Skarsgard (True Blood) and Helen Baxendale (Friends, Cold Feet) who also exec produces.

Supporting the main feature is Bogstandard, a short film. All this takes place at the Zion Arts centre in Hulme as the final part of future artists respond residency… tickets and full info here and on facebook here

3) THE BENCH – by Joe O’byrne

Following successful runs at Salford, Didsbury and Manchester, Joe O’Byrne’s hit play The Bench returns to the region later this month.

The play follows the lives of an eclectic group of Paradise Heights residents as intersect around a bench in the local park, over a 12 month period.

Thematically the play is about life, death and rebirth. Many of the characters find themselves at transitional points in their lives. They are either nervously eyeing an uncertain future and change, or coming to terms with the often painful process of moving on, or letting go.

Whilst some are desperately holding onto the past, others are are even more desperate to escape it and the unbearable pain that has made them who they are.

Tickets and more info 0161 925 0111

4) ‘Just do it’ – Director Emily James explains ‘Just get off your arse and save the world’

Mark Ashmore of Future Artists met Emily James at last years Sheffield Doc fest, both where filming the climate camp movement, both for the same reasons, and so over a beer, they embarked on an filming assignment – to Copenhagen, Denmark, to follow activists who where getting off their arse’s and trying to DO something about climate change,

The project is funded by the crowd, by those that care, so take 5 minutes to check out the trailer and website here, and get involved…. its your planet too, after all,

Trailer here

Hope you enjoy and to see you soon!

Jenny Inchbald and Mark Ashmore

Future Artists HQ


Future Artists is one! PARTY!

June 23, 2010

We have been going now for nearly one year!

Since we launched in July of last year during the Not Part of Festival at the Urbis we have had a busy year! We’ve organized a networking event, made a few films, sold a few films, been to Cannes and back, had crazy meetings, amazing meetings, ran Praxsis, been artists in residence at the Zion Center, run creative digital drop ins, been selected for schemes, consulted on projects and not slept, or stopped!

So now we are one we thought we’d have a party to celebrate with all the wonderful people who have supported us and to find some new people to join in!

We are having a picnic with live performance and music, a film screening and an after party and one of manchester’s top venues!

more info is on our web site at, just scroll down, or better information (at the moment!) is on facebook  here

Really excited and hope you can come and join in with us and everyone else who’s coming!

Social media monitoring review 2010 – download the final report

June 9, 2010


Why do you follow brands on Twitter?

June 9, 2010

Article from

Some brands are very successful on Twitter. They might be using it for customer service, to engage with customers or to discuss issues that they might be interested in. For many brands, Twitter is a great way for brands to engage directly with consumers, to learn what they are saying and to react and respond to this where relevant.

The question for many brands, though, is why would people want to engage with them on Twitter. In some instances this is clear. For example, when Twitter is being used as a servicing channel it is a way for customers to ask questions, complain or get support. In other instances it is less clear. And as with any social media strategy, it is critical that you think about why people will want to engage with you as much as why you want to engage with them.

When discussing this with clients and others recently, the question that always comes up is if brands should aim to gather a lot of followers on Twitter (as opposed to engaging a lot of people regardless of whether or not they follow you). And with this goes the question of whether brands are expected follow people back who follow them.

We’d love your thoughts on this in the quick poll below, and your thoughts on why people follow brands on Twitter in the comments.

Comedy Surpasses News as Most Popular Online Videos

June 9, 2010

Article from

WASHINGTON: More than half of U.S. adults have watched video online, according to a new survey from the Pew Research Center, with comedy clips having replaced news as the most popular Internet videos.

Pew’s Internet & American Life Project found that 69 percent of adult Internet users—52 percent of all U.S. adults—have gone online to watch or download video. And more adults are putting their own content online; 14 percent said they’ve uploaded a video to the web, 52 percent say they’ve shared their video on MySpace or Facebook and 49 percent on YouTube.

Fifty percent of all adult Internet users say they have viewed comedy videos online, up from 31 percent in 2007. Forty-three percent say they’ve watched news video, up from 37 percent. Thirty-two percent say they’ve watched movies or TV shows, twice as many as three years ago.

However, the number of web-users ready to pay for video online remains small. Only 1 in 10, or 7 percent of all Internet users, say they have paid to watch or download a video.

Leading the pack in online viewing are the 18-to-29 set, according to the poll.

“We are seeing a surge in online video watching,” said Kristen Purcell, a Pew associate director for research.

She said the increase was being “driven by a combination of broadband access, the increasing use of social networking sites and the popularity of video-sharing sites.”

“Untold numbers of websites now showcase online video as part of their content,” she added.