Cannes 2010, the sate of the industry

Cannes 2010

I’ve cobbled together some interesting stats about attendance of the Cannes Film Festival 2010, just did a quick breakdown to give snap shot of market place and not sure quite what to make of it!

3549 Total Companies Listed

1746 Production Companies

1015 companies listed as buyers

975 listed as theatrical distribution

683 Video Distribution

521  Sales Agents (only 192 listed as buying)

521 Sellers

510 Exhibitors

333 Film Festivals

314 TV Distribution

272 Services

193 Organisations (including UK Film Council)

160 Publicity and Marketing

131 Financial Institutions

125 Film Commission

115 Interactive and New Media

102 TV Broadcast

99 Film Funds

56 Technical

51 Publisher

45 Talent Agencies

40 Law Firms

39 Press

39  VOD platforms

36 Training

26 Music Publishers

14  VOD aggregators

4 Unknown

(stats from Cinando)

Attendance: 29323

Media Attendance: 4376

Accredited Industry Attendance: 24856

Total Number of Films Submitted: 4329

Total Number of Films Screened: 138

Total Screenings: 30

# of Shorts Screened: 44

# of Features Screened: 94

(stats from

would be interested to hear anyone’s thoughts


One Response to “Cannes 2010, the sate of the industry”

  1. Cannes news and tips Says:

    The industry as we know it is living its last few years. But I don’t see the new players in this mix yet, or not enough to make an impact.

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