Klatcher.com thinks its Filmmakers Now Have a Profitable Business Model

Johannes Bhakdi

Klatcher.com and award-winning independent horror movie Mindflesh create a blueprint for financial success in the filmmaking industry.  FOR RELEASE Thursday 15th October 2009

Launching today, Klatcher.com establishes a new way to publish, consume and monetize feature-length movies. The media platform allows producers to offer a 360 degree movie experience that gives filmmakers a direct relationship with their audience and profit from it.

Demonstrating this is Robert Pratten’s award-winning horror movie, Mindflesh, on http://klatcher.com/mindflesh.

“On average, filmmakers will see four to ten times more qualified traffic on their Klatcher channel than on their website or social media site. By combining this visitor power with the most advanced digital e-commerce system available today, we get our publishers to the sweet profit spot”, says Johannes Bhakdi.

Klatcher.com allows filmmakers to form a gravitational center around their movie and draw traffic from disparate social networks, blogs and video sharing sites to make an integrated content community and marketplace. By integrating sites like Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr and other industry leaders, Klatcher has taken the lead in matching quality content with quality traffic.

“Our goal was simple: to provide filmmakers with an easy solution to publish and promote their movies, and bring in more profit than through any other channel. With Mindflesh, we can prove we are there”, says Johannes Bhakdi, CEO of Klatcher.com.

“The new and intriguing thing about the Klatcher platform is that it enables filmmakers to not only put my movie online but to create their own brand universe and integrate it to the social web. ”, says Pratten

The Klatcher platform offers producers the latest video technology for webisodes, downloads and HD quality on-demand services for free, including a cutting-edge commercialization platform. The combination of innovative online publishing, Klatcher business services and the social media marketing technology promises to make a big difference for the future of the movie business model.

“The social web is blurring the definitions of entertainment, advertising, filmmaker and audience but until Klatcher there hasn’t been a technology platform to support this new world environment” says Pratten.

For his article in the upcoming November issue of Indie Slate magazine (#59), Pratten discusses how filmmakers can and will inevitably have to develop their movies into transmedia projects that span video, comics, games and events. Thankfully Klatcher.com is developing its offering to support this emerging breed of interlinked content.

Website: http://klatcher.com/mindflesh

About Klatcher.com

Klatcher.com is a Hollywood, CA based media technology company that provides filmmakers a free online publishing and marketing technology to maximize their movies media value. It was founded in 2008 and has technology development centers in Berlin, Germany and Chennai, India. Current flagship channel include the world’s largest user-generated real life show  by lifecasting pioneer Lisa Batey, Chloe And Keith’s Wedding whose viral campaign was ranked the #1 viral video of the year on Facebook and Yahoo, Camille Carida’s groundbreaking webcomic Lick It Man, and Mindflesh, Robert Pratten’s award-winning psychological horror movie.


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