Steve Perrin to lead UK’s Digital Funding Group


5 October, 2009 | By Sarah Cooper

Steve Perrin, the former senior vice president and head of international at Rentrak Theatrical, has been appointed as chief executive of the UK Digital Funding Group (DFG).

The newly formed DFG was set up by the UK Cinema Exhibitors Association (CEA) to negotiate financial support for small and medium-sized UK cinema operators to convert to digital cinema technology. The CEA, the trade association for UK cinema exhibition, represents around 90% of UK cinema operators.

Perrin has held a number of roles in the film industry including director of marketing at Warner Bros Distributors UK and deputy head of distribution and exhibition at the UK Film Council.

The CEA chief executive Phil Clapp said: “Helping to ensure that as many UK cinemas as possible can navigate the transition to digital cinema is at the very top of the CEA agenda. I am delighted that we have been able to secure someone of Steve Perrin’s experience and reputation to lead this work.

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Jonathan Williams | 6-Oct-2009 11:16 am

Ah yes, Steve Perrin, the man who was centrally involved in the UKFC’s lottery funded ‘Digital Screens Network’ which handed out a £multi-million susidy, most of it to the US studio owned exhibition chains, which was sold as the creation of a network which would benefit foreign (not American – isn’t amazing how people don’t think that those are foreign…) non-mainstream UK independent and classic films.
The one part of this deal which was delivered was the 3D projectors that Hollywood would have paid for if the British weren’t such total mugs. The fact that Perrin used to work for Warner Bros before robbing lottery players pockets on their behalf comes as no surprise.
All that the specialist filmmakers and distributors got out of all this was a very bad taste in the mouth.


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