Strictly Come Dancing website gets more interactive

Strictly Come Dancing website gets more interactive

Relaunched Strictly Come Dancing site will allow users to get more involved with the show while watching it


StrictlyComeDancingThe relaunched Strictly Come Dancing site will feature more contributions from users

The BBC is planning to launch a Strictly Come Dancing application for this weekend’s show on Friday.

The new application will enable users to get more involved with the show while watching it. Judge Len Goodman will appear as an avatar to welcome users, who can submit their own ratings for the contestants as well as select their favourite moments while the show is on air for viewing afterwards.

The new Strictly Come Dancing application, designed by Pancentric Digital, comes ahead of the wider relaunch of the BBC’s websites to include more social media communication.

StrictlyComeDancing A screenshot of the new Strictly Come Dancing site shows the scores integrated into the site Simon Nelson, the BBC’s controller of portfolio and multi-platform, discussed the plans at the BBC’s recent open day, saying: “We are focusing our efforts this time on social viewing and community building around the show.” On Tuesday, during the launch of this year’s MediaGuardian Innovation Awards Anthony Rose, the BBC’s controller of Vision and Online, confirmed the move: “With Strictly Come Dancing we will have a site hopefully getting live this weekend, where you can have a make live comments and interact and have a social viewing experience around Strictly.”

“The BBC has been doing social media for many years. We do blogs and comments and rating, but there is a whole new world out there related to APIs and friends and so on, and we are not in that space.”

Rose emphasised the BBCs slow but meticulous approach. “We will start with some smaller sites, some theme things around particular programmes,” he said. “It is these kind of small steps around theme programs with a self-selecting audience, which will help us learn more. Also under the hook we a create whole new kind of technology, that I hope to see flowering across the BBC site over the coming months.”
The BBC is free to innovate, but only within its public service guidelines. “Each new thing we do, we think through very carefully,” said Rose. “Clearly the population expects us to innovate. If we don’t innovate, we get slammed for doing nothing.”

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